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Oslo Airport

Norway is a country known for its capital city Oslo. It is situated on the southern coast of the country. Here, one can find museums and a lot of green areas. Most of them are on the Peninsula of Bygdoy. Oslo, the most populous among Norway’s city, is famous for its airport which is commonly known as “Oslo Airport”. The city of Oslo with its Airport is known as the domestic nature major hub as well as an airport of international level for Norway. The Oslo Airport is a busiest on the second number in the countries of Nordic. The city has a low-cost airport Torp which is a hub for Airlines of Scandinavian. It has 28 domestic connections and 115 destinations at international level. In 2015, mostly 24.7 million of passengers regularly travelled to the airport that made it an airport that was in the nineteenth position all around Europe.

It is provided with two roughly parallel north-south direction runways. Gardermoen is the closest airport to the Airport of Oslo. From here, a traveller can catch any same route train/s or any same route bus/s towards Lillehammer. A trip from the Oslo airport can take for about two hours. The airport of Torp Sandefjord has its directly related connections with many cities of European. One can reach there by train or bus. It is really enjoyable to have a trip towards Oslo from this airport; it takes about two hours to reach there. So many people from European sized cities can get connections directly to the Airport of Torp-Sandefjord. A bus or train can easily approach it.

By Train

The “Flytoget” train takes twenty minutes from the airport to reach the centre of the city Oslo. A train travelling locally takes some minutes which is also a longer option but a cheaper one. From the centre of Oslo, one can travel towards several sided destinations in Sweden and Norway.

By Bus and Car

There are available services of express shuttles towards the airport of Oslo. These services are available at one hundred and twenty locations around the area of Oslo. Services od an express bus are regularly available towards the airport. There is a main long terminal if someone needs to cover a longer distance and the routes of regionally arranged buses. These are located near the centre of city around the station near the station of the central train. The terminal is known as Central Bus Terminal”. Oslo city and its airport is the national hub of a network of roads. The roads approach various points around the Oslo Airport. One can approach the airport by car very easily.

International Flights

The most commonly used international flights from Oslo includes Aalborg, Agadir, Aberdeen, Gazipasa, Ajaccio, Alanya, Bangkok, Amsterdam, Alicante, Hamburg, Beograd, Faro, Istanbul, Athen, Brussel, Burgas, Frankfurt, Bilbao, Dubai, Barcelona, Berlin, Catania, Geneve, and Gdansk.

Baggage and Book Assistance

The EEA and EU have some common regulations about baggage, but there are different national level custom’s authorities and airlines that have effectively introduced some more stringent nature measures. One can book an assistance by using online methods at the time of making travelling arrangements with an airline, minimum forty-eight hours before the time of departure. On Oslo airport, some of the airlines offer to book the assistance on the phone. Different type of airlines asks about various questions. So, it is important for the travelling passengers to inform about the needs of the time travelling.

Safety at Oslo Airport

For the safety of passengers’ equipment of oxygen portable to handle are available. Some facilities like electrical or manual wheelchairs, impaired hearing or impaired vision, getting from and to the aircraft, restrooms facility rooms, purchasing beverages and food, items of duty free, gate-keepers, watch guards, security alarms, meeting room, and meeting points are available from Oslo Airport to provide facilities to the passengers.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Oslo Gardermoen
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
60° 11’ 38" N
Longitude (DMS):
11° 6’ 1" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


3,600m (11,811ft)
45m (148ft)
2,950m (9,678ft)
45m (148ft)